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Bread-Roll-Initiative Virneburg

First idea of ​​the future concept starts

Since there is no bakery (branch) more in Virneburg, many are missing especially the fresh Saturday rolls.
This has now been remedied:
    • we have partnered with the bakery Engels in Nachtsheim because
        ◦ artisanal, tasty baked goods
        ◦ extensive range
        ◦ reasonable prices
        ◦ from the municipality - the turnover remains "at home"
    • anyone can call phone number. 02656-8384 or mail to bi@virneburg-eifel.de with the subject "rolls" an order until Friday 9:00 o'clock
        ◦ you can choose from 27 positions from rolls to French white bread
        ◦ Each order by email will receive a confirmation that the order has been accepted. If the confirmation is missing - please ask

    • if you always want to order the same, you can mark your order as a subscription

        ◦ can of course also be changed or suspended for individual orders
    • at bi@virneburg-eifel.de a price list can be requested or downloaded from the website (see below)
    • everyone who wants to join, pays 5€ as a debit - which of course he/she gets again when leaving
    • everyone who participates releases the honorary organizers of any liability in connection with his order (for example, wrong or less deliveries). We are sure that we can clarify such defects with the bakery for reimbursement
    • the bakery receives an anonymous order
    • orders are packed as ordered, picked up by us and paid in full
    • the order can be picked up and paid for on Saturdays from 8:00 (bring the appropriate money and possibly specify the pickup location) in Virneburg

        ◦ Burgblick 18 for customers from the Burgblick

        ◦ Talstraße 2 for all others

    • it is now also possible to make a prepayment deposit, from which the respective order is deducted - if someone does not want to bring change each time
    • over all orders and money deposits an account proof is led per orderer (in a computer table)

With this initiative, we want to revive the supply of fresh food in the village and bring a piece of quality of life back to Virneburg. It's a first step towards a long-term approach, for which we can use the ideas and help of many Virneburgers well.


The bread roll initiative (BI)
in the context of the future concept Virneburg

changed 2019-04-11

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