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Corona-Virus current from Virneburg


Dear Virneburgers,

To contain the corona pandemic, all our public facilities had to be closed. The community hall and refuge can be used again if the current Rhineland-Palatinate corona rules and hygiene regulations are observed. In particular, I would also like to point out the obligation to record contact details.

If you have any questions or rental requests regarding the community hall, please contact me directly at 02656/560, or if you have questions regarding the refuge, please contact our refuge warden Peter Bernhauser at 02656/8305.

Stay healthy.

Torsten Zilles, local mayor

News from 2020-05-04, 2020-05-08 and 2020-06-03 you'.l find only in German


Dear Virneburgers,

According to current information, the ban on personal contact has been extended until 03.05.2020 following agreement between the Federal Government and the Minister Presidents.
This means for our town of course still no events in the hall or the refuge. Also the playground and of course our day care centre for children are still closed.

Furthermore, major events are prohibited until 31.08.

However, it is still unclear here what all falls under this term. This will be arranged by the state government in the next days. As soon as there is more information here, I will of course publish it.
It is positive to note that the measures are working. Therefore I would like to ask everyone to continue to take them very seriously, even though we all miss our freedoms.

But it serves the highest good that we have, our health and I am sure there will be other, normal times when close contact and working and celebrating together will be possible again.

Until then everybody stays healthy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Torsten Zilles, local mayor


Dear Virneburgers

as health is still the highest good that we have, it is important to limit contacts to the absolutely necessary.
For this reason, we have decided to cancel the traditional maypole erection and the may party this year.
I count on your understanding, combined with the hope that such celebrations will be possible again in the foreseeable future.
Stay healthy.

Torsten Zilles, local mayor


Dear seniors,

if it is not possible to ensure the supply in the current difficult time through family or friends, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course, this applies in principle and not only in case of quarantine.

You can always contact me directly at 02656/560 or 0170/8528772 . There were also some of the village moderators who agreed to support me in general and due to the current situation some of them contacted me to help with shopping trips in an emergency.

Also over the association municipality something would be organizable. I would like to thank everyone who offered their help in advance.

I wish all of us all the best and much health.

Torsten Zilles, local mayor


Dear fellow citizens,

due to the measures taken in relation to coronavirus, the following events shall no longer take place:

  • 19.3. meeting village community
  • 28.3. action clean landscape

Furthermore, all public facilities in the community are closed until the end of April. This includes

  • the community hall (this includes all activities such as dancing, gymnastics, private events in the hall etc.)
  • the youth room
  • the playground
  • the Bornsdell refuge

The bread roll initiative is still active and the eggs of happy hens will continue to be produced in compliance with the recommended safety and distance rules.

If somebody is in quarantine or someone is infected and there is no possibility to solve the problem through family and friends, please contact me directly, we will find a solution in the village and together with the VG.

More information will follow either on the notice board, in the newsletter or on our website here.

The latest information is also always available on the website of the district administration www.kvmyk.de and also of the association's municipal administration at www.vordereifel.de.

Special information for our town in this context can also be found at www.virneburg-eifel.de.

Stay healthy!!!!

Torsten Zilles, local mayor