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We have struggled to build virneburg-eifel.de only with free software.
Therefore thanks to all projects and persons of their free code we are allowed to use:

For translations we use the website https://www.deepl.com/translator of the company DeepL from Cologne.

virneburg-eifel.de was projected and programmed from Christoph Theuring, adhoc dataservice GmbH, Virneburg.

virneburg-eifel.de is a common work of the editorial department with the support of the village mayor and the local council.

Thanks to Oswald (Ossi) Kragl of OK-Speedmaketing for placing the webcam at the disposal.

Many Thanks to all the many unnamed persons, which had contribute there ideas, contents and review.

An explicit thanks to the following persons, which (in real) has nothing to do with Virneburg, nevertheless has contributed to succed the work:

  • maper pyram of openStreetMap.org, who had updated the map of Virneburg (missed streets, missed or wrong streetnames, missed houses a.s.o.)
  • our provider Georg Horn of koblenz-net.de, virneburg-eifel.de is running on his server smoothly and secure