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Freifunk (free Wi-Fi)

Logo Freifunk-MYKSince 29th Nov 2015 we have Freifunk in Virneburg. :-)

Currently there are 27 Freifunk-nodes/hotspots.
On the maps you can see where to connect to Virneburg Freifunk:
map with all Freifunk-nodes in Virneburg
map of Freifunk Germany, details Virneburg

What's about Freifunk?

  • Freifunk-initiative has the goal to etablish free, independent and non-commercial wireless-networks
  • Freifunk is a freely available wi-fi network by citizen for citizen, which offers a free and free of charge connect to the internet
  • Everyone can connect to Freifunk without a registration
  • In Virneburg (also in the whole district Mayen-Koblenz) the SSID is freifunk-myk.de
  • Freifunk-networks are one's own made where citizen share their own internet access with Freifunk
  • The participants use a special Linux-version on their wi-fi routers, the Freifunk-firmware
  • There are Freifunk in many cities and communities, in the Eifel between Mayen and Geroldstein we are the first :-)

The Freifunk principles

  • The access to informations and knowledge should be as free as freedom
  • Nobody should limit communications with other people
  • Local and global wi-fi and networks by wire should be a public zone like streets, parks, woods and the sea
  • Networks and the digital infrastructure should be based on free and open source software as well as open standards
  • Regulators, governments and politicans should garantie a non-limited, certified band width for the public

Is this safe?

  • The Freifunk-router is separated from your private net. By this nobody can enter via Freifunk your net at home
  • The internet-access is encrypted. There is no liability for you.

What's about the costs of Freifunk for me as a user or a internet-sharer?

  • Freifunk is usable free of charge
  • Sharers need only a suitable router which costs less than 20 €
  • The sharer pays only the the electricity costs of the Freifunk-router. The devices we use need nearly 6€ a year
  • Participants who didn't have an own internet-access can join in if there's a sharer closeness. His router can serve as an range extender.

More informations you find here (in German)