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Contact ban on dream paths

Dear hiking friends!!!

As you know (see below), on the hiking trails, too, there is a basic ban on contact and the keeping of the minimum distance.
In order to comply with these regulations, the hiking trail can now only be walked in one direction.
I urgently request you to start the path over the small bridge past the pond, then over the chapel to the castle.
This is the only way to ensure that a necessary safety distance is maintained. Especially in narrow places it is otherwise impossible to keep this distance.

In the interest of your and all our health, I urgently ask you to keep to this rule.

Stay healthy.

Torsten Zilles
Local mayor Virneburg

Contact ban also applies on dream paths

REMET (Rhein-Mosel-Eifel-Touristik) appeals to hikers to refrain from arriving due to the corona pandemic - check public order offices

The hiking trails in the Mayen-Koblenz district enjoy unbroken popularity at the start of the hiking season. What in normal times would have provided for satisfied faces, is now driving worry lines on the foreheads of those responsible locally. "Under the current conditions, the same applies to hikers: "Please do not make contact. In itself, we are pleased about the great popularity of the dream paths and dream trails. Unfortunately, the corona crisis forces us to take a different view", emphasises Henning Schröder, Managing Director of Rhein-Mosel-Eifel-Touristik (REMET).

From the point of view of REMET, which developed the hiking trails, maintaining the contact ban is currently the only way to prevent infection with the corona virus. This also applies to hiking on dream paths and dream trails. The 26 premium hiking trails on the Rhine, Moselle and Eifel have been awarded the title of "most beautiful hiking trail" several times in nationwide competition and are correspondingly popular. It has also recently been observed that countless hikers from near and far frequent the dream paths. Even on paths that are closed due to forestry work, hikers were on the move. Due to the high number of hikers, however, the prescribed contact bans on the sometimes narrow paths can no longer be observed.

"For this reason, some association communities and cities have decided to block individual dream paths and the parking spaces or only the parking spaces alone completely. The aim is that these paths should no longer be used for tourism at the moment. Please check under the navigation point path management which paths are affected by this", says tourism director Schröder and appeals in particular to hikers from neighbouring districts and federal states: "Please do not accept a long journey to hike the dream paths. The dream paths are still there even after the crisis. Stay at home!"

To all others who absolutely have to walk the dream trails, the general order of the state government applies: It is only allowed to walk in groups of two persons or with the members of a household (e.g. family). The necessary minimum distance of about 2 meters must be kept. In narrow passages, hiking groups should agree on who goes first. And last but not least, the dream path should be hiked in the given direction so that there is no unnecessary encounter traffic. Further information on protective measures is available on the Internet at www.rlp.de/de/startseite.

The regulatory authorities of the municipalities and towns will monitor the situation on site and check that the rules are being observed. "We promise: The Dream Trails and Dream Paths will still be there for you after Corona, and we will again give you a warm welcome to the Dream Trail Land on the Rhine, Moselle and Eifel", those responsible for Rhine-Moselle-Eifel tourism ask for understanding and look optimistically into the future.

Further information is available on the Internet at www.traumpfade.info.